Welcome to Sawatdee Thai Massage 
The name "Sawatdee"  comes from the Thai language. And many people ask us what "Sawatdee" means .
 In Thai "Sawatdee" means Hi or Hello much like Aloha in Hawaiian. 
*Sawatdee Kha is for Women.  *Sawatdee Krup is for Men. 
Now everyone knows  what is means, and how to use this traditional greeting. 



At  Sawatdee Thai Massage. We believe that a significant change toward healing begins with a persons awareness. Massage therapy allows the client to experience balance, harmony and relief, giving them the perspective and self  knowledge to  make a proactive change. 
Our team of  professionals is highly trained to address muscular imbalances, postural problems, chronic pain, stress management,  flexibility and the enhancement  of athletic performance. Through specialized massage techniques, strenghering  and stretching sessions, we help our clients achieve their healthy lifetime goals.

Whether you are here for a specific medical condition or just a relaxing quality massage,  you know that this is the one place that will make you feel healthy, young, and refreshed all at the same time.

We provide excellent massage at an affordable price. At Sawatdee Thai Massage you get serious pampering in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. 
"I have a weekly massage at Sawatdee Thai Massage. The massage works magic on my tired muscles and calms my mind. I sleep more soundly and  just feel better. 
A  Sawatdee Thai Massage is heavenly - the best in Honolulu. "
Gerald Goodman 

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